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Warehouse Advanced

The cost of the solution is 750 000 RUR  ≈ 12 100 $ (the cost of Microsoft Dynamics NAV license, design works are paid additionally).

WillMore Warehouse Advanced for Microsoft Dynamics NAV is developed to carry out warehouse management based on ERP-system. It comprises core business processes of the warehouse functioning and can be deployed within a short time.

WillMore Warehouse Advanced has a number of advantages:

  • Easy training. Low-qualified personnel can also work;
  • High speed of the adaption and development of new functionality;
  • Adaption of the functionality can be carried out without work process interruption;
  • Pretty low price of implementation and support.

WillMore Warehouse Advanced effectively fulfills the following tasks:

  • Complex approach to WMS-implementation , «key-ready» preparation of a warehouse (up to markings of transport units and units of issue, operation adjustment of all types of warehouse equipment, further support);
  • Level upgrade of warehouse management;
  • Control of the expiry dates of  items and 100% up-to-date information about items status in storage;
  • Cost saving of the warehouse operation;
  • Operational order packaging.

The flexibility of the WillMore Warehouse Advanced solution allows to construct necessary architecture and optimize warehouse processes according to a customer’s demands.

WillMore Warehouse Advanced for Microsoft Dynamics NAV system is ideal for the warehouses of any sizes, from small companies to large logistic distribution centers).

WillMore Warehouse Advanced implementation allows to accomplish the following goals:

  • Operational warehouse management;
  • Accelerated item selection;
  • Identification of a definite item location in the warehouse;
  • Efficient management of goods with limited expiration dates;
  • Optimization of warehouse space exploitation;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Working hours registration;
  • Monitoring and motivation of warehouse staff;
  • Recording of items accepted for custody (3PL).

Business processes supported by WillMore Warehouse Advanced for Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

  • Acceptance of the goods in real-time mode using radio–terminals;
  • Compliance inspection and data update;
  • Complex grouping of orders;
  • Placement;
  • ABC goal management;
  • Optimization of storage, packing;
  • Inventory;
  • Order package:
    • Automatic formation and reporting officers of tasks on the order package;
    • Packaging directly in storage trays with due regard to demands of the ergonomics aspects along with size, weight and other item characteristics;
    • Order package using specialized batching spots and packing of the  orders;
    • Support of the selection with boxes full of storage trays;
    • Order package using radio-terminals  and labels;
    • Packing;
    • Order personalization during assembling;
    • Generation of personal numbers of outgoing packages and their tracking.
  • Loading of goods;
    • Priority scheduling of goods shipment;
    • Sorting and unification of items during the loading depending on the sequence of shipment;
    • Control and closing of shipment operations;
    • Formation of accompanying documentation.
  • Task management for staff, automatic formation and sending such tasks as:
    • Acceptance;
    • Arrangement;
    • Replenishment;
    • -Inventory;
    • Packaging/Defragmentation;
    • Order package;
    • Loading;
    • Shipment;
  • Management of storage and production capacity;
    • Identification of the definite storage location;
    • Progressive storage optimization;
    • Stock movement within an organization;
    • Management and optimization of storage items according to the expiry dates;
    • Inspection of warehouse equipment and refuel scheduling;
  • Human resources management:
    • Working hours registration;
    • Task tracking for staff;
    • Human resources reporting;
    • Design of the workforce standards;
    • Determination of scheduled work performance.