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The solution «WillMore: Treasury» is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The aim of its development is to improve management productivity and to control the movement of funds of a company or a group of holding companies.

The target is financial directors, officers of both financial and economic planning departments and also for officers and heads of departments who are payment initiators.

The implementation of complex set of the solution’s modules provides the control over the following business processes:

  • Organization of  the cash flow management  process according to business specific features;
  • Budget formation and tracking of cash flows;
  • Operative planning of receipts, payments and fund-raising;
  • Regulation and routing of the inside document flow by payment requests;
  • Formation of necessary payment documents;
  • Online banking system integration;
  • Organization of payment schedule;
  • Efficient management of a bank balance;
  • Cash assets accounting;
  • Prompt analysis and monitoring of a company marketable condition.

The complex structures of management of planned receipts and payments, payment requests, real cash flows are behind this solution.

Two methods of the solution implementation:

  • Fast implementation of the standard «Base» configuration;
  • Implementation of the extended «Prof» configuration according to individual customer’s demands.

«Base» configuration components

  • Formation of payment requests;
  • Management of multi-currency payment requests;
  • Adoptable agreement and approval procedure of payments by roles of the route;
  • Monitoring of payment agreement;
  • Notification about agreement statuses by e-mail;
  • System of agreement and approval phases substitutes;
  • Management of payment sources  by requests;
  • Payment schedule and management  of payment dates;
  • Option and control of partial payment of requests;
  • Payment by using different bank accounts;
  • Formation and keeping archives of payment documents;
  • Adoptable uploading of bank transfer orders to different systems Bank-client;
  • Importation and diversity of real payment transactions to payment orders and pay requests;
  • Accounting and financial accounting of funds;
  • Cash flow analysis.

«Base» configuration

  • Express system implementation methodology is supported and allows to start up the configuration within a period of several weeks or days;
  • Solution adoption for regular procedures of the latest versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP- system.

«PROF» configuration

Depending on customer’s requirements, the following solution components are involved in extended «PROF» configuration in addition to «Base» configuration:

  • Centralized payments control for enterprises with holding entity;
  • Organization and control of Cash Flow budget;
  • Organization and control of incoming and outgoing payments;
  • Adaptive management and control of Cash flow limits;
  • Dynamic settings of agreement chains and routes according to individual criteria;
  • Collective agreement;
  • Adoptable measures and agreement limits for a role;
  • Delegation of rights for agreement and approval;
  • Adoptable anticipatory agreement and prior approval;
  • Flexible analytical forms of a detailed cash flow control by an operation status.

Implementation of extended «PROF» configuration is carried out according to the standard methodology with flexible system setup according to individual customer’s demands.  The solution «WillMore: Treasure» provides a complex automation of full-cycle work of businesses or a holding company that helps to control incoming and outgoing payments in accordance with specific features of an enterprise and a department.

The solution gives a full picture of the current funds status, improves the productivity of departments and allows to control cash flows as well.