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What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016?


One of the enhancements in web client is tooltips that explain people what things mean with clear images. It’s making it more intuitive to use. We also have cross column search in the web client. We inherited that from the tablet client. Freeze pane is something in the web client that we got from the windows client. We also have the fast tabs with important fields highlighted and easy search in table relations like post codes.

It is also easy to change company and some other things like time zones and language from the web client. These are just some of the 60 enhancements.

NAV2016 has a Windows 10 universal app including a phone app. This is great news since the phone is the device that everyone always has with them. The universal app adapts to your hardware. If you detach the keyboard the web client transforms to the tablet client! Phone app is cross platform: IOS, Android and Windows. All NAV Reports work on the phone too. It is a full NAV client using all possibilities of NAV. GPS and camera are also supported. You can take a picture with a phone and upload it to NAV. This works on all devices with GPS and camera.

NAV2016 introducing a new, direct Microsoft Dynamics CRM connection that enables an optimal, seamless experience for our customers in the lead-to-cash process when they utilize Microsoft Dynamics CRM for customer engagement and Microsoft Dynamics NAV for order processing and financials. One can see CRM tables without having the data in NAV. This is based on OData web services that are in NAV as Table Objects. And vice a versa, we can also see NAV data from CRM. Financial statistics and things that are typical to ERP like posted sales invoices.

NAV2016 can be configured to use Azure SQL as a relational database-as-a-service.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 is introducing a new way to customize the application without modifying underlying C/AL code and metadata. We call this way Extensions. Distributed via “extension package” file, such customizations can be easily installed, upgraded or uninstalled.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016, we have introduced a new feature called C/AL Events, which enables developers to change behavior and add functionality without modifying the source code.

When you develop new business logic, it needs to be tested. There’s a new suite of automated tests in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2016 that reduce or even eliminate manual testing of partners’ solutions and customer implementations. The test automation suite adds testing capabilities to the development environment, the C/AL language and runtime platform.

In Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016, a new feature called Report Enhancements updates existing reports and helps you create new reports. North American report updates include updating the paper size on all reports to Letter size when printing. W1 report updates include changing the 25 report to Landscape orientation, so you can see more information, and adding the Vendor Pre-Payment Journal, so you can view which invoices will be paid for each vendor payment.

Finance is an important piece of a business solution. In Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016, new and improved features save time, improve the ease of data entry, and build new financial functionality into the core product, enhancing the user experience for accountants and bookkeepers.

Posting Preview functionality allows the user to, prior to posting, view the impact that posting the document will have against all affected ledgers.

Deferral functionality allows the user to automate the process of deferring revenues and expenses over a pre-defined schedule. This is available for Sales and Purchasing Documents and General Journals.

Word format defaults for customer statement and North America vendor remittance. Assign Word format and email address by document type for each customer or vendor. Processing customer statements or vendor remittances will use the assigned format and email to send the document.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 includes several enhancements for managing incoming documents. Now it is possible to capture, store and find incoming documents using document capture or OCR service. The OCR will take the amounts and from there you can post it to a General Journal or Purchase Document. During the process the scan is always available to view.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 workflows enable you to model real-life business processes such as best practices or industry-standard practices. Workflows in Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 focus on three main building blocks: approvals for almost anything, by direct manager or by groups, notification to tell users to take some kind of action, process automation to execute a process routine and make the system calculate something or perform an action.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 includes several enhancements for integration with services. You can send and receive Pan-European Public Procurement Online (PEPPOL) invoices across a document exchange service and get currency exchange rates automatically from an exchange rate service.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV2016 includes an entirely new integration with Microsoft Power BI. Connect to your Microsoft Dynamics NAV instance and immediately have access to business performance insights into your business. The app is designed specifically for small and mid-sized business (SMB) owners, managers and executives to provide details about customers, sales and finance. The dashboard and reports are built on top of a fully featured model, allowing you to explore and analyze your data as you need. And automatic refresh ensures you’re always seeing the latest data.

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