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Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017

Microsoft has added enhancments to improve the core functionality of NAV while adding new features to improve navigation, lookups and more. Dynamics NAV 2017 also includes improved integration with O365 and PowerAPPs to improve intelligence and drive NAV towards becoming an-all-in-one cloud based business management system. Check out the NAV 2017 new features below.

Download this Dynamics NAV2017 Capabilities Guide

NAV 2017 Accounting Enhancements

Account Categories in the Chart of Accounts

Account categories and sub categories  have been added to  make it easy to group general ledger accounts to fit financial reporting needs. Specify the account category in each GL account so ledger entries posted to this account are categorized as assets, liabilities, income or an expense etc.

GL account categories can be sub-defined in as many sub-categories as needed. For example Income categories can be sub-defined to differentiate between income from services and income from product sales.

Fixed Assets

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 makes it easier to set up fixed assets. In addition to standard setup you can register fixed assets as cards with complete information, accounting details, and reporting classification. Users can also register purchases of fixed assets through special fixed asset GL journals where you can also dispose of fixed assets with the right accounting details registered automatically.

US financial reports

In the US version of Dynamics NAV 2017, four financial reports have been added to the Business Manager and Accountant Role Centers including

  •     Balance Sheet
  •     Income Statement
  •     Cash Flow Statement
  •     Retained Earnings Statement

General Ledger account categories and sub-categories are used to group your financial data in these reports.

NAV 2017 Project Management Enhancements

Project Manager Role Center

A new “My Jobs” list on the Project Manager Role Center displays jobs with the Order Status based on the new project manager field. Jobs with the On Order status will automatically display in the “My Jobs” list on the Project Manager Role Center. A new prompt has been added to the Project Manager Role Center to Create Job Sales Invoice so users have quick access to this functionality. The Reports tab on the ribbon in the Role Center has been removed and a new drop down list has been added for Job Reports .

Job cost

A new fact box has been added to the right side of the Job Card to display the job’s cost information and “Contract” is now referred to as “Billable” throughout the Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 Jobs module. On the Job Card the “Allow Schedule/Billable lines” and “Apply Usage Link” options are marked by default for new jobs.

A new report called Job Quote is available as a Word Template so it can be modified using Word and emailed to the contact on the job for streamline quoting processes.

NAV 2017 Document Management Enhancements

Incoming Documents Filters

The list of incoming documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 will be filtered to show only unprocessed incoming documents in the list, and a “processed field” has been added to reduce the amount of entries in the incoming documents list page. Users have the option to view all incoming documents in the list through a “Show All” action. Documents that have been posted are filtered out automatically and users can also manually switch the processing flag on all documents.

OCR in NAV 2017

By popular demand, support has been added for extracting line details on PDF and image files when documents are sent to Lexmark ICS OCR services. So for example, users can create purchase invoices with multi-line details instead of just one line with the total.  With the new Lexmark ICS online experience users can visually train and validate the OCR processing of PDF and image files for incoming documents, such as vendor invoices. Microsoft Dynamics 2017 lets users link directly to extracted documents online to validate the OCR result and train the service with corrections.

NAV 2017 Inventory Enhancements

Item attributes

Microsoft  Dynamics 2017 allows users to add attributes to inventory items to streamline product searches. Define attributes such as color, country of manufacture, size, or product dimensions. These attributes can be added in addition to the built-in item attribute types and values, enabling enhanced filtering for faster processing of sales and purchase documents when items are added to them.

Categorize items

Item look-ups are also streamlined in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 through Item Categories. Item hierarchies can be created for item categories and item attributes can be assigned to each item category. Items added to a category will inherit the attributes assigned to the category eliminating steps and simplifying inventory searches.

NAV 2017 Sales and Purchasing Enhancements

Package Tracking

Package tracking numbers and shipping agent codes have been added for posted sales invoices. Invoices now show the package tracking number and the shipping agent code by default.

Dynamics NAV 2017 payment reconciliation

The Payment Reconciliation journal now shows totals for outstanding transactions and outstanding payments. From there, you can look up the list of documents that have not been applied or used in the reconciliation process.

You can choose to include outstanding payments and outstanding transactions information in the Payment Reconciliation report.

Cancel posted credit memos

Posted sales and purchase credit memos are now accessible in the same way as posted sales and purchase invoices. Dynamics NAV 2017 will un-apply credit memos from invoices, creating a new invoice to apply to the credit memo.