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WillMore deals with consulting, implementation and supporting Microsoft Dynamics NAV and QlikView

WillMore is ready to accomplish such tasks as:

  • Execution or rollout a Microsoft Dynamics NAV or QlikView project in a Russian subsidiary of your client;
  • Localization and adaption of Microsoft Dynamics NAV to the Russian law and accounting;
  • An outsourcing resource at a project in your country at a reasonable price;
  • A client support.

One of the stongest leading features of WillMore is client support.

WillMore is constantly improving Client Loyalty Program. What does it mean in practice? We focus more not on generating new businesses and clients. The main aim of our activity is to care about our existing clients and we do our best to treat each one as a long-term business partner.

When we are talking about existing clients, we think about all Microsoft Dynamics NAV users who have already implemented the system and are willing to develop it. It is a usual practice that many Microsoft partners forget about their clients when the system is implemented. It is a big mistake for them and a great opportunity for our company. We’ve already got some customers who were unsatisfied with the service of their partner and chose our company for service support. It included not only Microsoft Dynamics NAV supporting itself but the system developing projects according to the client’s new needs and requirements.

Every client is unique for us so we try to solve all the incidents on spot. We are aware that it is sometimes crucial for a client to wait for a day or even hours. His business can lose some profit and we care about it. The cornerstone of our Client Loyalty Program is to reduce the distance between a client and our support service and to be at a client’s disposal every minute when it’s necessary. Consequently, we are proud of being a part of their success.

Our service specialists are highly qualified professionals. There are no unexperienced specialists in our company as we want to provide excellent services and support.

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