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Holding management

Holding management: consolidation and transformation Russian Accounting Standards (RAS) + International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) + Control and management in holding companies and distributed structures

The solution «WillMore: Holding management: consolidation and transformation» based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV is intended for a flexible adoptable consolidation and transformation of references and data of financial and management accounting between different information sources.

The solution allows:

  • Transformation and consolidation of financial accounting and reporting from one reporting system (RAS,IFRS, GAAP, management system) to another (RAS,IFRS, GAAP, management system);
  • Transformation and consolidation of not just base financial information but also the flow history of financial, product and management information in holding business units with any level of detail if required;
  • Providing supreme control potential by holding company over activities of companies, subdivisions, services that are included in holding entity.

The core of the solution is a specially developed complex and flexible tool for data exchange, transformation and consolidation of different entities of enterprise information systems.  It is remarkable for the following characteristics:

-    Exchange, transformation and consolidation of different references (books of accounts, analytics, clients, products, warehouses, prices, managers, fixed assets etc.) and data of corporate information systems (financial operations, purchases, sales, discounts, checks, migration, cost price etc.).

-    Filtration and data conversion rules adjustment for every information match, entry type and field.

Multiple-level system
-    Potential of consistent multilevel transformation and consolidation.

-    Possibility of converting between entities during the process of exchange and transformation (for example, transformation of purchase and sale to transfer);

Source platforms independence
-    Different information systems can serve as resources for exchange, transformation and consolidation. It means that data of companies in Microsoft Dynamics NAV, separate Microsoft Dynamics NAV databases or data of other enterprise information systems (Microsoft Dynamics AX, 1С 8.X, 1С 7.7, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, etc.) can be involved in one structure of an exchange topology;

-    System control of a sequence and data versions in exchange structures.

User preference
-    Exchange, transformation and consolidation adjustment is carried out by users or consultants without extra development or adjustment.

The solution «WillMore: Holding management: consolidation and transformation» is used to solve the following issues:

  • International financial accounting and reporting according to the required standard (IFRS, GAAP, corporate policies) in a holding or a separate company on an automatic basis alongside with management accounting in companies and holding business units;
  • Formation of summary financial accounting and reporting of holding entities with maximum efficiency and quality;
  • Possibility of carrying-out of an operational and detailed analysis of management accounting data on a required level of details (up to the level of a primary documentation, product units, separate contractors, particular officers with flexible selection in all companies and business units of holding entities;
  • Implementation of input topology, exchange and support of references and data in holding entities with dispersed but interrelated data.
  • Competitive advantages of the solution:
  • Adjustment of complex consolidation of all kinds of entities of enterprise information systems like ERP, CRM, etc. (also including purchase, sale and product promotion documents, etc.) with a required transformation. Not just simple transformation of financial operations of holding companies ( one or two tables);
  • Consolidation and transformation adjustment from all kinds of information systems of a primary management accounting of holding companies.